1979 Ford Fiesta Vehicle Identification - VIN decoder (U.S. Spec.)

Vehicle Model and Options

The Americanized version of the Fiesta comes in one Base model and three options. The options are the Decor, the Sport, and the Ghia.

Identification Plate

A vehicle Identification Plate is rivited on the panel above the right front headlamp just under the hood. This plate gives details of the body type, version, transmission, axles, engine, and other pertinent information.

First Line
1st letter 2nd letter 3rd letter 4th letter 5th letter 6th letter
Product Source Assembly Plant Model Variant Year of Production Build Month
G = Germany C = Saarious F = Fiesta B = 3-door sedan V = 1979 See Below

Code Month   Code Month
C January   S July
K February   T August
D March   J September
E April   U October
L May   M November
Y June   P December

The center group of numbers on the Vehicle Identification Plate comprises the maxium gross vehicle weight as well as the premissible front and rear axle loads of the vehicle.

Code L4
Type OHV/1-4
kW (HP)

Code T
Type Manual 4 Speed gearbox (front-wheel drive)

Code A
Build Year 1978
Drive Left-Hand Drive

Code Description Base Decor Sport Ghia
Two Coat Metallics
V Strato Silver (XSC 1056) X X X X
C Inca Gold (XSC 1203) X X X X
3 Jupiter Red (XSC 1087) X X X X
1 Cosmos Blue (XSC 1272) X X X X
Grabber Colors
9 Signal Yellow (XSC 1034) X X X X
0 Signal Orange (XSC 1260) X X X X
Solid Colors
K Calypso Green (XSC 1290) X X X X
B Diamond White (XSC 691) X X X X
G Tuscan Beige (XSC 1295) X X X X
R Venetian Red (XSC 1136) X X X X
X Midnight Blue (XSC 1246B) X X X X
T Riviera Blue (XSC 1181) X X X X
P Sierra Beige (XSC 1292) X X X X

Code Description Base Decor Sport Ghia
A Black X X X X
B Tan X X X X
N Orange     X  
H Red X X   X

Code Description Base Decor Sport Ghia
1 Cloth X X X X
A Vinyl X X   X

Exterior/Interior Decor Standard
Accent Stripe
Sport Standard Bodyside Stripe
All Black/Grey Black/Tan Black Orange
Yellow B B    
White B B O O
Red B B B  
Medium Beige B B B  
Dark Blue S S S  
Orange B B B B
Green B B B  
Silver Met. Clearcoat B     O
Red Met. Clearcoat S S S  
Oyster Met. Clearcoat B B O O
CODE: B = Black, S = Silver, O = Orange