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Ford Capri Convertible (Coachbuilders Deutsch and Crayford)

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:10 am
by Cologne_P7
The german coachbuilder Karl Deutsch built for many years vehicles on behalf of Ford to Convertibles. These vehicles were made by hand.

Only a few of the original Ford Deutsch Convertible are still in good condition, as they were much more prone to rust than the closed models. There were also produced only a few quantities.

Among the most beautiful models include the P7a and P7b Deutsch Convertible (like this P7b 20M): ... sch%29.jpg

or the Ford Capri Deutsch Convertible.

A real eye-catcher (Capri MK I):

In the UK, the coachbuilder Crayford built also Convertibles for Ford (like this Capri 3000 GT):

These vehicles are not only beautiful and rare, but unfortunately also expensive.