Ford P7b 17M RS, 20M RS, 20M XL, 26M - (BE/DK/GER)

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Ford P7b 17M RS, 20M RS, 20M XL, 26M - (BE/DK/GER)

Post by Cologne_P7 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:09 am

There are in Germany and Denmark, two newly restored Ford P7b 20M XL (sedan, two-door) offered (beautiful paint). In this condition (and color combination) these two vehicles are now rare, as most models of the P7b series have been scrapped. ... =ASCENDING ... =ASCENDING

There are still some cheaper vehicles offered (including 26M), but in a not so good condition. One such project car is this 26M Coupe (with car roof vinyl). Nice, rarely, but there is still something to be done: ... =ASCENDING

For the import of these cars, I would already refer to vehicles of this series in top condition, because it is already a problem in Europe to get certain spare parts for these models. In addition, these original spare parts are not cheap (since limited supply).

A highlight is a new restored P7b 17M RS Coupe. Top condition, rare, but also more expensive than the aforementioned cars. ... =ASCENDING

Also rare is this 20M RS (2.6) sedan (two-door). The vehicle has the optional 2.6 engine of the 26M, which was available for this model only at the end of its construction period. ... =ASCENDING

A series that until recently was not on the radar of classic car collectors, which meant that many beautiful P7 models were not restored, but disassembled and serve as a spare parts donor :cry:

Ford P7b

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