English Ford part Numbers

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English Ford part Numbers

Post by stanchfi » Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:05 pm

Les wrote a great article on The Ford Prefix for the upright Fords. Does this apply across most English Fords?

From the part books I've looked at it appears that most prefixes have the numerical designation for each model Anglias = 105E, E04A, E494A.

As for the suffix, is it similar to US. Ford Numbers where each part fits into a category....i.e 9000 series is always an fuel system part?

also, According to the Cortina model "C" info I have, both British and U.S. style part numbers were used, was this standard from 1970 on?


Dave A
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Post by Dave A » Sat Mar 22, 2008 5:04 pm

Ford part numbers are broken down into a prefix, a basic number and a suffix.
The basic numbers like 9000 (fuel system) or 6600 (oil pump) for example refer to the same part whether it's an American Ford or Import Ford. Around 1969 English Ford made a big changeover in the prefix part of the number and newly introduced parts from thereafter were changed up to numbers like the american parts system.
The suffix part of the number just helps define the part a little further like maybe the same part except on a 2 dr versus 4 door etc. Other times the suffix may change when they revise the part

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