LHD E83W Radiator Hoses

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LHD E83W Radiator Hoses

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New Hoses For Old

-Les Foster E83W Tech Advisor

A previously unavailable part for Left Hand Drive Ford Thames E83W’s has just been reproduced recently. Available now is the unique lower radiator hose used only on left hand drive E83W’s equipped with the Export water pump. While the E83W is usually quite happy to run without a water pump, relying on thermo-syphon action, a pump is necessary if a cabin heater is desired.
The Left Hand Drive E83W’s drive-train is offset to the right, while the radiator is centrally mounted. This results in the fan belt interfering with the routing of the lower radiator hose from the water pump to the rad. The pump is mounted separately to the right of the engine block, on the engine mounting bar. The lower hose must ‘jog’ around the belt to reach the radiator’s lower spout. To further complicate matters, the diameters of the pump spout and the radiator spout are different! Thus quite a complex molding is required.
A year or more ago, I sent a rotten old lower hose to Small Ford Spares in England. Their initial attempts to have the hose reproduced ran into a dead-end with the complicated molding needed. I had all but written-off the prospects of getting this hose made, especially considering its rather limited market.
Then, shortly after the New Year, a package arrived from England marked “Sample”. I assumed it was my old hose being returned with apologies and was already mentally composing the “thanks for trying” e-mail that I’d have to send. I tore open the envelope and…Joy! Imagine my surprise when out fell a beautifully molded and technically perfect new lower hose. A huge “thank you!” to Peter Beck and his crew at Small Fords!
Anyone requiring this rare item can order it from Small Ford Spares. They have a really excellent website and you can order online with your credit card. It’s very easy and I have always found them very helpful, prompt, and reliable. The hose is part number E83WFS-8285 (Radiator Hose Lower LHD). At the time of writing it is listed at 12.75 Pounds Sterling which converts to $24.37US or $27.04CDN. See their website at smallfordspares.co.uk for contact information or write to Vintage Supplies Ltd. Crosswinds Happisburgh Norwich Norfolk NR12 ORX U.K. Their telephone number is +44 (0) 1692 650455. Fax them at +44 (0) 1692 651451.
Small Fords can also supply your other LHD E83W hoses. Remember, that upper one is different from the RHD model, too! Happy motoring!
Les Foster
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Wow it's great to know that they were willing to work with you, I'm sure that kind of service makes a customer for life.

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