FORD CORTINA: Family Favourite and Race Winner - DVD review

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FORD CORTINA: Family Favourite and Race Winner - DVD review

Post by IFHP » Mon May 07, 2007 11:35 pm

FORD CORTINA: Family Favourite and Race Winner
DVD by Duke Productions, 2004
US$ 29.95, 97 minutes,

Recently I purchased the Ford Cortina DVD. A couple of years ago I discovered the pleasures of watching feature films on DVD and I have since become curious about the automotive specialty DVDs advertised in English and German magazines. However I also knew the European PAL format would not be viewable on North American DVD players. Then along came Duke Productions from the Isle of Mann who have begun converting some of their extensive motoring and motorsports titles to the North American NTSC format.

One phone call to the Isle of Mann and $30+ later, I am now the proud owner of Ford Cortina (the movie). Keeping in mind that films are no substitute for books, this disc does deliver plenty of visual delight with period film stock including commercials, promotional films and period racing film footage. As a bonus feature Duke has included English Ford Line Operation's promotional film Proof Test: The Cortina at Sebring which is about their entry into the 1964 Sebring 250 km and 12 Hour races, which is a real plus. Woven through the film are interviews with Cortina enthusiasts attending an All-Cortina meet in England.
In terms of the information presented, the film is uneven. There are plenty of interesting facts presented, but a number of important details are missing. For example, in describing the differences between an early and a late Mk II no mention is made of either the Kent 1600 or 1600 crossflow. Other things that I wish they had included is the relationship between the Mk III Cortina and the TC Taunus, the relationship between the Cortina and the Corsair (the Mk III GXL was a replacement for that car) and more than a passing reference to the 1600E.
Despite the gaps, I recommend the disc to anyone who can handle the price. The Duke catalog includes films on the Capri, Escort, Fiesta, Sierra and GT 40. Currently only the Cortina, Fiesta and GT 40 films are available in NTSC format, but look forward to more NTSC titles becoming available.

Review by Michael MacSems
E-Ford Lines Autumn 2005

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