Ford Capri mk1 RS 2600 May Turbo

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Ford Capri mk1 RS 2600 May Turbo

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In the early 70s, the turbo era began on various Ford models. Ford dealer Schwabengarage AG in Baden-Wuerttemberg / Germany has equipped the Ford P7b 20M RS, Granada mk1 and Capri mk1 with an turbocharger from Swiss engineer and former racing driver Michael May.

1971, none of these supercharged vehicles were available directly from Ford Cologne. 2.3- and 2.6-liter engines were upgraded in the early 70s with the May Turbo Kit. This increased the power of these engines by about 80 hp. The Capri RS with turbo weighs only 1 ton, which makes him a rocket on wheels. In the 70s, this Ford ate a Porsche for breakfast :D

This Capri mk1 RS 2600 has a retrofitted original May Turbo Kit and a modified suspension and brakes. Faster and more toxic than the RS 2600 with injection (150 hp) from the Ford museum in Cologne. Only the Capri mk1 Perana V8 (Basil Green Motors) in South Africa, was more powerfull (240 hp) than this featured Capri with V6 and May Turbo (200 hp). (english clip):

... and another clip: a Capri Perana V8 at the Adelaide Classic 2017. Very fast and loud. Pure dynamite:

(New link): shots of a mountain race showing a hot Capri RS 3400. A real hell machine that is chasing the mountain up. Turn the speakers right up!

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