EFONA Status Report 2012

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EFONA Status Report 2012

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Dear EFONA Members and Interested Parties,

From time to time I get an inquiry about the status of EFONA (aka NAEFR). I’ve been meaning to provide the membership with a status report, but I’m always unsure of what to say. I would like to say that good times are just around the corner but it might be better to let the facts speak for themselves.

The most recent issue of the E-Ford Lines was sent out in September 2010. In that issue was a message from me saying that I needed to pass on the club management responsibilities to a new person (or persons).

In the summer of 2010 our editor, Judy, was looking into a software upgrade that would improve the creation and distribution of the newsletter. In the Fall of 2010 Judy got very busy in her personal life and has been unable to put out another newsletter since. If EFONA were to be reorganized with new management, Judy has indicated that she may or may not want to continue as editor.

In 2009 EFONA had a cash flow crises which resulted in the majority of members switching to electronic newsletter subscriptions in exchange for lower dues. This significantly reduced cost and as a result we currently have enough money in the bank to produce two or three more newsletters.

When it became apparent that the club had nothing tangible to offer, I stopped depositing checks from new and renewing members (not that there are many of those these days). When people inquire about the club I tell them that operations have been “suspended” and recommend the EnFoStuff on-line forum and the EFONA Facebook page.

If anyone is interested in, and has the ability, to take over management of this club, please send me a PM. Thank you.

Michael M. May 4th, 2012

PS: 2012 is NAEFR/EFONA’s 20th anniversary.
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