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Ford Y&C Model Register Club link

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Please create a club link to the Ford Y&C Model Register, which caters for owners and enthusiasts of the Ford Model 'Y' (1932 - 1937) and the Ford Model 'C'/ 'CX' (1934 - 1937) and their variants world wide [Note:- The Eifel continued in production to 1939]. Club membership is approx. 400 and the register lists some 1200 known surviving Model 'Y's and 300 Model 'C'/'CX'/Eifel. Owners of our cars are encouraged to include their cars on our register without membership obligation. Club website is:-
Sam Roberts, Editor/Archivist, Ford Y&C Model Register
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Y & C Registry

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Welcome. There is already a link to the Y & C Registry in the Specific Marque Registry section of the Forum. Now we have it in two places.

FYI to all: Sam is also the Model Y & C and Eifel Registrar for EFONA as well.

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