Mk1 Cortina Vancouver Island $12.500

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Re: Mk1 Cortina Vancouver Island $12.500

Post by Sideways » Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:13 am

I have had a few turbo cars and enjoyed them but one of these days I will stick a supercharger on some engine. I like the methodology behind them - and the noise.

Hmmm, wonder if they have a bolt-on for the Kent engine.

Brett Wilkie
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Re: Mk1 Cortina Vancouver Island $12.500

Post by Brett Wilkie » Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:52 am

Yes, I have driven some of the turbo powered cars and they seem more exciting with the turbo performance coming on with a more pronounced bang. The superchargers power comes on in a linear way through a much broader power band but not as peaky. The Eaton unit that is on my car has a bypass controlled by manifold vacuum, you could drive it economically all day without going into boost if you wanted to but you won't. When you do hit the throttle harder the bypass closes and the blower compresses with that satisfying whine. 
I don't know of a crossflow kit but one could certainly be fabricated, when I was working for BMW I spent a bit of time at one of their Mini stores where I salvaged an Eaton 45 blower from a 1600cc Mini Copper S. The blower would have been a good starting point for a crossflow, sadly my wife discarded it in one of our frenzied house clean up sprees. It probably would still be colleting dust today if she hadn't.
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