1958 Zephyr?

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Re: 1958 Zephyr?

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Hi Brett Mother nature sure has been at work on that one since you last saw it!!. I wonder how it got there in the first place, if there are no close roads. I hope you had some enjoyment from the trip out to see it. A BIG thank you for taking the time to visit the car and taking a look for me you are very kind to do that. I enjoyed the pics and I think others will to! All the best Simon
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Re: 1958 Zephyr?

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I and my wife went up there on an enjoyable hike, I think that trail was likely wide enough to get a small car down at one time so someone probably just drove it in to abandon it and use it as target practice? We plan on going back to another trail a few Kilometers away that has a number of old cars, last time I was there I took some photos of a rusting Triumph Mayflower and some old Vauxhalls that were interesting to see.
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Re: 1958 Zephyr?

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Yikes! BTW, he has added a second Zephyr to the ad. Still way too expensive, IMHO.
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