Skills needed by classic car owners
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I recently ran across this website

A list of skills as things we used to know that no longer are very useful to us

Many of these are computer related, but there are also quite a few automotive related, such as "Using a timing light"

This got me thinking about what skills first time owners of classic cars need to know. Even if they are familiar with modern cars, there are many differences they might not know about.

I've got a lot of different specifications on the website, but no real explanation on how to use them.

Here's a brief list of thing I have come up with, that I think classic car owners need to know about.

- Setting a distributor advance
- Using a Timing light
- Setting a spark plug gap
- Setting a point gap, replacing points/condenser
- Checking and adjusting valve lash
- Adjusting manual drum brakes
- Breaking in an engine
- Using a manual choke
- Double de-clutching on non-synchronized transmissions
- Checking battery electrolytes (may actually be obsolete)
- Repack/adjust wheel bearings
- Clutch linkage adjustment
- De-carboning an engine
- Using a grease gun to lubricate suspension and drive train
- Adjusting an external voltage regulator on a generator equipped car
- Checking/ refilling shock absorbers
- Crank starting a car

Being in my early 30's and only involved with classic cars for 10 years or so, there are many of these things I did not know about, luckily I learned a lot from my father and asking questions in online forums, But there is still a lot I don't know.

I'd love for some of you knowledgeable "old timers" to share your knowledge, and help keep classic cars alive for future generations.

Please feel free to reply to the topics to to add comments or corrections. And feel free to start new topics.

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