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English Ford photos
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Color Samples for English Fords and Capris 1967-1971 (Also list some colors for 1958-67)

Color Samples for English Fords 1958-1961

Color Samples for 1971-77 Capris

Tune-Up Charts for English Fords (1963-67 Anglia, 1963-64 Consul 315, 1963-65 Consul Capri, 1963-67 Cortina)

Wiring Diagrams

The Ford Prefix- Upright English Ford Interchange Information

Solex Carburetor Specifications - For English and German Fords

Carburetor Diagrams - Solex and Zenith Carbs

Model Identification

1966 - 1970 Cortina "Model C" (Mk II) Identification by Warranty Plate - VIN decoder

1963-1970 Ford Cortina Visual identification Guide

1979 Ford Fiesta Vehicle Identification by VIN plate

1970-77 Capri Vehicle Identification by VIN plate

Now Available for purchase!
Ford Anglia Shop Manual
Ford Anglia 1959-68 Workshop Manual on CD
Ford Anglia 105E Parts list
New Anglia 1959/- Spare Parts List on CD


A Brief History of Ford of Britian By Michael MacSems

A Brief History of English Fords in North America By Michael MacSems

Fordson's Finest Hour By Les Foster

1960-67 Ford Anglia: Angle By Engel (.pdf file): from the Feburary, 2000 edition of Collectible Automobile magazine.

1960 Ford Anglia Road Test from the April, 1960 issue of Motor Life magazine

Ford's Sporty Lotus Cortina from the April, 1966 issue of Auto Topics magazine

Ford Lotus-Cortina "Dynamite from Dagenham" from Automobile Quarterly, Vol 28. Num. 2

Report on Those English Cars from the August, 1950 issue of Ford Times magazine (3.2 meg pdf)

1951 Ford Consul - Sports Trial (Road Test) from the August, 1951 issue of Motor Trend magazine

1952 E83W U.S. Tour (.5meg .pdf file) Courtesy of the Ford Sidevalve Owner's Club

Devil In Disguise Capri Hot Rod article from 1976

Freaky Fiesta Fiesta Hot Rod article from 1978


EnFo Related Links Including part and restoration suppliers

Advertisements Searchable by year or model

English and European Ford Books

1938-1967 Production Numbers (Anglia, Prefect, Popular, Escort and Squire estate)

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